"A Tradition Born from Greatness

Friends of Chili,

The 5th Annual Chief's Chili Cookoff is right around the corner. Mark your calendars, Saturday October 15th, 2011 we paint the field red with bowls of spicy goodness...


Justin "Fists of Furry" aka "Show Gun" aka "The Pepper Grinder" aka "Chili Boots" Weidner!!!

In the end, it came down to two proven Champions, defending Champ Justin "Fists of Fury" aka "ShoGun" aka "The Pepper Grinder" aka "Chili Boots" Weidner and 2-Time Champ Jason "The Habanero Hammer" Randall once again pitted their culinary skills against one another. We had been here before, but how would this Cookoff end...

Some claimed shenanigans were afoot when "Chili Boots" showed up with relatives that he hadn't seen since the Clinton Administration, but I can confirm, not a single Weidner or Foster pulled a ballot for good ol' "Fists of Fury". As "Shogun" said himself, Christmas is at his house this year, and it might be a little different for some relatives... Did we mention his name is also "The Pepper Grinder"...?

Once again, the Cookoff came down to the smallest of margins and the lack of family support didn't stop him, so it is my pleasure to crown Justin "Fists of Fury" aka "ShoGun" aka "The Pepper Grinder" aka "Chili Boots" Weidner the 2010 Chief's Chili Cookoff Champion. He becomes our second back-to-back Champion in the Cookoff's 4 year History. My congratulations go out to him, he once again "Made the Decision to Win"...

We want to thank all of our Chefs. Your efforts did not go in vain. You provided some really good damn chili, something you should all be proud of. We hope you are all back next year.

We are already looking forward to the 5th annual cookoff, and The Committee will make a decision on the date soon after the 2011 football schedule is announced.


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